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The days of harsh, carcinogenic chemical cleaners are numbered. O-Z Tech Water represents a paradigm shift in the clean science movement by combining a simple, readily available ingredient – water – with a scientific process to offer individuals and businesses a new, safer and more effective way to clean.

The business owners who have installed an O-Z Tech Water system experience substantial savings, improved efficiencies, smaller carbon footprint, and a cleaning power that outperforms harsh and potentially harmful chemicals. Learn more about the science behind this revolutionary system.


One ingredient,
dozens of applications.

From rinsing fruits and vegetables to sanitizing equipment and cleaning floors and countertops, O-Z Tech Water can be used in dozens of ways. And because it has an ORP (oxidation reduction potential) of above 650 millivolts, it oxidizes pathogens, including bacteria and viruses¹. Learn more about where and how O-Z Tech Water can be used – and how it’s already helping a wide variety of industries clean better and smarter.

The O-Z Tech Water System provides a full line of cleaning products.

O-Z Tech Water has been developed as a powerful sanitation system for your home or business. When it comes to investing in a more powerful cleaning solution, it’s critical to measure effectiveness on several levels. And while there are certainly other products on the market, nothing compares to the capabilities and cost-effectiveness of O-Z Tech Water. Explore our complete line of products to determine which option best fits your needs.

What People Are Saying
  • Since we had O-Z Tech Water installed, we have noticed a GREAT improvement in the cleanliness of the ice and the machine. The cleaning capabilities of this system are GREAT as well! We have switched over to using this for cleaning everything in our restaurant and enjoy those results as well. We have dramatically lowered our cleaning costs!

    Keith B. General Manager, Jimmy John's
  • Installation and training was easy and well organized. O-Z Tech Water has had the following positive results: 1. Excellent glass cleaner that leaves no streaks or residue! 2. Cleans and deodorizes bathrooms quickly and efficiently! 3. Lifts grease buildup out of tile and grout! We believe that we will see a dramatic reduction or elimination of chemicals required to perform the above cleaning duties!

    Paul McDaniel Director of Operations Services, Applebee's
  • With O-Z Tech Water, the product simply works. Chemical free, safe and effective cleaning that performs better than anything else available with zero residue. The O-Z Tech Water takes care of chemical expense effectively and it works! A Win/Win!

    Rod McNee Executive Vice President, JSV Inc, Applebee's
  • I have had O-Z Tech Water installed in my restaurant for about a month now and I couldn't be happier! The savings from the ice machine installation alone will save me around $700 a year. I found that in nearly every instance the O-Z Tech Water performed either better or just as well as our previous operational cleaning with no chemical usage.

    Steven Meier Franchisee Owner, Firehouse Subs
  • If you are looking for a great environmental friendly product to clean anything with, you will LOVE the O-Z Tech Water. It cut's through grease and scuff marks on the floor with ease. After using the water on my floors, we found the grout is actually white! Great company with friendly customer service. Well worth the investment!

    Kylie Lacour Assistant Manager, JAMS An American Grill
  • At Lansky's we have been using O-Z Tech Water for a while now, and we absolutely love it. The fact that it is capable of cleaning so many different surfaces from glass to stainless steel is a real game changer. It has cut cost on both chemicals and labor, making a real difference on the bottom line. It is fast, effective, safe and easy. What more could you ask for?

    Chris Hoffman General Manager, Lansky's
  • My team is very happy to clean more often now using O-Z Tech Water because it has no chemical smell and it's not hard on their skin. It removed the sticky build-up on what we thought were clean dining tables, the floors look like new, and the grime around the bathroom stall posts is gone! It is incredible and works using only cold water. A remarkable product! Would highly recommend all restaurants to use O-Z Tech Water!

    Dane Rasmussen General Manager, First Watch, The Daytime Cafe
  • We have been very pleased with O-Z Tech Water. We noticed an almost immediate improvement in ice cube clarity and quality. We have been impressed with the ability of our "magic water" to cut through grease and dirt. Also, we appreciate that it doesn't have any harsh or chemical odor. It leaves no residue or buildup after use. This product is a game changer.

    Randy Brock Franchisee, Five Guys
  • We have really enjoyed the O-Z Tech Water and are slowly learning of the benefits it has. With the O-Z Tech Water, the grease and even the built-up charring around the oven came right up. It was the easiest and most effective clean the crew has performed in years! With a quick spray of the O-Z Tech Water, the concrete on our dining room and restroom floors looks like new again. No scraping needed!

    Kevin Goebel Operating Partner, Pie Five Pizza Co.
  • I am extremely pleased with O-Z Tech Water. I would highly recommend O-Z Tech Water to anyone in my industry because of the incredible cost cutting benefits relative to labor, chemicals filter and the longevity of linens. Best of all, it's all natural!

    Suresh Patel General Manager, Super 8 Motel


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